Molecular gastronomy spectacular!

Hong Kong is home to some of the best desserts. Join J Lou and Dean as they travel through Hong Kong in search of some of the hottest dessert joints in the city. The team tried everything from beautiful kakigori at Shari Shari in classic flavours such as Earl Grey and Sakura to watching our desserts drawn right before our eyes at the molecular gastronomy spectacular that is Atum. We also visited the best of the classics, from Via Tokyo’s iconic Matcha Ice Cream topped with chewy mochi to Hong Kong’s traditional tang yuan in ginger and sesame soup. Last but not least, we sat down for the best dessert buns in the world at Little Bao! It’s all in our latest episode of Hawker Style, our original videos series exploring amazing food from across the globe.

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Director & Writer: Vikash Autar
Editor: James Gilligan
Production-Assistant: Brianna Ng
Presenter: Dean Vowles & J Lou
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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