Dim sum overload

Having Dim Sum in Hong Kong is a must. Yum Cha is one of Hong Kong’s best meals and there are a lot of amazing places to enjoy it. In this episode of Hawker Style we visit 5 yum cha restaurants to try some of the most popular and unique dishes. Some of the dishes we taste are a massive soup dumpling at Dragon-I, crazy liver siu mai at Luk Yu, Michelin star turnip cake at Lung King Heen, chicken feet at Sun Hing and super cute barbeque pork buns at Yum Cha in Central. Join us as we taste and talk you through some of the must-try yum cha dishes and restaurants in Hong Kong. It’s all in our latest episode of Hawker Style, our original videos series exploring amazing food from across the globe

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Director & Writer: Vikash Autar
Editor: James Gilligan
Presenter: Dean Vowles
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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