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Notting Hill is a vibrant and affluent district located in West London in the United Kingdom. It is known for its vibrant buildings, weekend markets and the infamous “blue door” from Notting Hill. The neighbourhood rose to fame as a result of the 1999 film of the same name starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, and the world was exposed to this quaint British treat. While you may not fall in love with a movie star during your visit, this charming neighbourhood will definitely leave an imprint on your heart.

Portobello Road Street Sign

Notting Hill Gate tube station is the closest means of access via public transport. The walk to the centre of Notting Hill is around fifteen minutes via the stunning Portobello Road, where you’ll be greeted with an overload of colour that brighten up the street.

Notting Hill Shop Fronts Wide Shot

The vivid colour and charming exterior of the line of shops welcome you down the street. Like candy concealed in a lavish and colourful wrapper, a lot is left to wonder about what the stores of Notting Hill have to offer.

A shop that is hard to miss is Alice’s Antiques. Its dramatic red exterior beams with intensity. You can find a myriad of treasures for great value here, from china tea cups to boxing gloves.

Alice's Antiques at Notting Hill

British street artist and political activist Banksy has certainly left his mark on the area. From the Unofficial Bansky Store to Portobello Market, the area offers a wide selection of tributes to the artist such as prints, wall displays and t-shirts perfect to take home as memorabilia.

Portobello Market

It’s not a visit to Notting Hill without visiting The Notting Hill Bookshop. While this is not the actual bookshop used in the 1999 film, plenty of fans and bookworms alike have flocked to this little store with hopes of reliving the reading magic.

Notting Hill Bookshop Exterior

The bookstore boasts an endearing blue exterior and its storefront is indicative of what a small suburban book store should be about: friendly, charismatic and filled with lots of books! Cashing in on the novelty of the “Notting Hill” movie, you will find that the store also sells humorous life size cut outs of High Grant and Julia Roberts as well as other references to the movie. Be sure to pick up a tote bag that reads “The Notting Hill Bookshop” before you leave as a reminder of this place that you can carry around at home.

Notting Hill Bookshop Interior

You can’t visit the book store without visiting the infamous Blue Door. Like the bookshop, this blue door was rather an inspiration to the setting of the movie rather than the actual door featured during the film. The Blue Doors is more than merely a reference to the film. Instead, it’s architecture is also evocative of the classic exterior found in this area of London. 

Notting Hill Blue Door

From radiant store fronts to pop culture references, Notting Hill is indicative of the culture and character that London has to offer. You will find yourself charmed by the walk down Portobello Road. Whether your aim is to visit locations from the Notting Hill movie, pick up a t-shirt with a Banksy print or to simply stroll along the shop fronts; the warm and alluring exterior of this neighbourhood will capture your heart.


Writer: Joshua Hortinela
Photographer: Joshua Hortinela


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