The must-eats from down under pack some thunder.

Australia is a world away for many people but the country is worth visiting for its amazing snacks alone. We explored our home turf to find the must-eat snacks in Sydney, Australia.

We hit up a hip Surry Hills café because there is no better way to start the day than with toast topped with the infamous Vegemite. This yeast extract packs a serious punch but is delicious if eaten properly. Next up, we travel to bohemian Newtown for one of the city’s best pie shops. The Brits might claim this one as theirs but the Aussies lifted the Meat Pie to the next level. We taste savoury pies doused with tomato sauce that leave our mouths on fire. To cool off we swing by the nearest convenience store to pick up Australia’s best ice cream, the Golden Gaytime. This toffee and vanilla flavour bomb is an Aussie classic and provides a satisfying crunch with its honeycomb wrap. We keep the sweets going with the Tim Tam, you’ve probably heard of this Aussie staple before but you won’t have eaten it like a true Australian until you’ve used the iconic Tim Tam Slam (don’t worry we’ll show you how). Time for lunch, as we hit up our local pub for the country’s pub grub favourite, the Chicken Parmigiana locally known as the Parmi.

Kangaroos might be Australia’s national animal but they are also pretty tasty. We swing by the burger shop to order a Kangaroo Burger with Beetroot for a quintessential Aussie burger experience. We jump in the car as the Maccas drive-thru is next. We order fries with soft serve and combine them for ultimate savoury and sweet snack. We hit the beach for a quick swim and to work up our appetite because post-swim nothing satisfies better than a big plate of Fish and Chips. The barramundi from down under is one of the tastiest in the world and shouldn’t be missed. Afterwards, we grab ourselves a Lamington. This chocolate cake covered in coconut sprinkles is always a great idea for a quick fluffy mini sweet treat. After a big night out nothing satisfies as a Halal Snack Pack. We order the monstrosity which comes with a load of kebab, chips and all the sauces. Finally, we end the day like every Australian day should end. We hang up bags of boxed wine on a clothesline and spin it around as we play the country’s favourite backyard game, Goon of Fortune. We can’t believe we fit it all in but it’s all here in our latest episode of Hawker Style, our original videos series exploring snack food from across the globe.

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Writer/Director: Vikash Autar
Editor: Michael Thompson
Producer: Chelsea Li
Presenter: Dean Vowles
Production Company: ANYDOKO Creative Studios


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