Postcard perfect scenery

Thailand is famous for its beautiful islands. However, one of the ultimate Thai island experiences can actually be found on the Thai mainland at Railay Beach in Krabi. Railay is located south of the lively Ao Nang, you can enjoy an array of bars and seafood restaurants on the East side of Railay and explore the breathtaking beach scenery on the West side. The stunning limestone cliffs are great for rock climbing and you can also kayak around them to the even more secluded Phra Nang Beach and visit the interesting Phra Nang Cave, where fisherman leave offerings like flowers, incense and wooden penises for the mystical sea princess for protection at sea. Join us as we travel to Railay in our latest episode of Shorts, where we discover the best parts of the world in bite-sized format.

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Director: Vikash Autar
Post Production: Rachel Ranzolin
Production Company: Culture Kid Films



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