Who makes the best egg tarts in Macau?

Macau is much more than casinos. Portuguese egg tarts in Macau are some of the best egg tarts in the world! In this episode of Hawker Style we try the world famous Portuguese egg tarts of Margaret’s Cafè E Nata and Lord Stow’s. Margaret and Stow used to be married and when they separated Margaret started her own Portuguese tart shop. There is a bit of rivalry between the 2 shops and they each have their loyal following. Don’t stop eating after the egg tarts because Macau has another famous speciality. Pork Chop Buns! It’s really simple, it’s a bread roll with a pork chop in between. However, the execution makes it delicious! If that wasn’t enough we also try the famous Chinese style jerky called Bakkwa and we act like we are in Venice as we visit the largest Casino in the world. It’s all in our latest episode of Hawker Style, our original travel videos series exploring street food from across the globe.

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Director & Writer: Vikash Autar
Editor: James Gilligan
Voice Over: Oliver Burton
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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