The best night out in Hong Kong

We had the perfect night out in Hong Kong. Wan Chai used to be home to Hong Kong‘s Red Light District but now it’s one of the best nightlife areas in Hong Kong. From super swanky bars to pumping pubs and clubs. We started the night at Ship Street, which is home to many bars that serve award winning food. We headed to Billidarts for some old school fun and games like beer pong, flip cup and darts. We then have a groove and sing along at The Wanch, an awesome live music bar that stays open until sunrise. Next we found incredible street food that will top off any night. It’s all here in our latest episode of The Gweilo, our original travel video series where the whitest man alive discovers the best of Asia.

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Writer/Director: Vikash Autar
Post Production: Michael Thompson
Presenter: Dean Vowles
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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