What are you so scared of?

The Lockup is a famous horror themed izakaya in Shibuya, Japan. The interior of the bar is designed to look like a mix between a dungeon and mental institution, with a dark maze of private dungeon rooms where you’ll get locked up for the night. Everything is horror themed from the waiters’ costumes to the crazy food and drinks on the menu. There is also an extensive food roulette menu, where you’d order a dish like sushi or takoyaki and one of the bites will be spiked with lots of wasabi or hot sauce. Take a pick and see which of your friends is the unlucky one. You’ll know when the fright show is going to begin when they suddenly switch the lights off and the creepy music starts playing with a Japanese schoolgirl voice in the background. The waiters who have changed into more horrific costumes, burst into your dungeon, throw things around the hallways and do their best to scare you. Join us as we enjoy the thrill of the not so scary The Lockup bar in Japan. It’s all here in our latest episode of Japanoizy, our original travel video series exploring the best of Japan.

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Writer: Vikash Autar
Cinematographer: James Gilligan
Editor: Chelsea Li & Michael Thompson
Voice Over: Brianna Ng
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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