How many of these spots do you know?

Hong Kong is home to some of the funkiest hidden bars in the world. We visited some of the best places to kick back with a drink speakeasy style, from innovative cocktails with grated cheese at The Old Man to secret phone booth entrances at Please Don’t Tell. We also hit up another one of Ashley Sutton’s masterpieces, J.Boroski, throw back some G&T’s at Ping Pong 129 Gintoneria and try an interesting mix of tequila and sweet potato dust at COA. It’s all here in our latest episode of Top Picks, where we discover the best parts of the world in bite-sized format.

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Writer/Director: Vikash Autar
Editor: James Gilligan
Production-Assistant: Brianna Ng
Voice Over: Dean Vowles
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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