Feel like noodles drenched in fake cheese?

Hong Kong has one of the best food scenes in the world. It serves the best Chinese cuisine and is even home to some of the best western style restaurants. If you’re looking for quality Chinese food or Michelin star restaurants Hong Kong is the place to visit. However, most tourists and visitors to Hong Kong don’t experience a type of cuisine known as ‘Hong Kong Style’. Many Hong Kongers who have moved overseas go crazy nostalgic for Hong Kong Style staples like ham and instant noodle broth or the famous spam and egg sandwich. This ‘weird’ blend of Asian and Western cuisine comes from Hong Kong’s mixed past and has truly penetrated Hong Kong culture. The Gweilo meets up with food blogger Yuki to see what all the fuss is about – turns out it’s pretty crazy. From noodles drenched in cheese sauce to meat from a can it’s all here in our latest episode of The Gweilo, our original travel video series where the whitest man alive discovers the best of Asia.

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Director & Writer: Vikash Autar
Cinematographer: Brianna Ng
Editor: James Callaghan
Presenter: Dean Vowles
Guest Presenter: Yuki Maryrose Leung
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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