A charming water village with no cars.

If you’re travelling to the Netherlands, you should definitely visit the picturesque water village of Giethoorn, more commonly known as the ‘Venice of the North,’ due to its scenic canals and bridges. Similar to Venice you can join a tour boat or rent a private boat with a captain to explore the canals. However if you want to navigate the narrow waterways at your own pace, you can simply rent out a small electrical boat to cruise to best parts of town and to enjoy some delicious Dutch snacks at a wide range of restaurants and cafes. Join us as we discover the small town charm of Giethoorn. It’s all here in our latest of episode of Shorts, where we discover the best parts of the world in bite size format.

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Director & Writer: Vikash Autar
Editors: Mark Barnaville
Voice Over Artist: Bob Aronds
Production Company: Radical Orange


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