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Would you believe me if I told you that in the heart of a hustling metropolis, lies a mystical mountain with the vibrant colours of a rainforest? Cloud Forest Singapore is located at Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay and features high rise walkways, indoor rivers and waterfalls that altogether teach visitors about the precious state of our natural environment. A staple botanical garden and parkland, Gardens By The Bay is an architectural and natural wonderland for photographers, tourists and the nature enthusiasts alike.

Cloud Forest Singapore Entrance | Travel Inspiration | ANYDOKO

The start of your journey begins at the foot of a man-made mountain. Standing at thirty-five metres tall, it is also home to the world’s largest indoor waterfall. As this modern oasis is concealed within a glass dome, the temperature immediately drops and the cool chill immerses you into this lush landscape. The shift in temperature, the height of the dome and the wonder within the mountain serves as a catalyst for a natural escape from Singapore’s busy city.

Cloud Forest Singapore Pond | Travel Inspiration | ANYDOKO

A climb up the mountain brings you to the mysterious ‘Lost World’. Hidden within a small cove near the top of the dome, the ‘Lost World’ evokes the feeling of a natural parkland.

Cloud Forest Singapore Pond | Travel Inspiration | ANYDOKO

Cloud Forest Singapore Dome | Travel Inspiration | ANYDOKO

As you pass through the mountain, take a moment to be present with the type of flora that surrounds you. You may notice that they are not just there for the sake of aesthetics. In fact, Cloud Forest displays a beautiful representation of a natural ecosystem by including some plants that are considered deadly predators (only to insects, course!).

Cloud Forest Singapore Walkway | Travel Inspiration | ANYDOKO

The high rise walkway takes you around the mountain to witness just how large and magnificent this unique oasis is. Looking down may seem daunting, but it adds to the spectacle of being in an enchanted rainforest.

Cloud Forest Singapore Waterfall | Travel Inspiration | ANYDOKO

By the time the humid tropical weather hits you when leaving Cloud Forest Singapore behind, you may think about a few things. The first thought that comes to mind may be where the nearest building with air conditioning is. Or perhaps this tourist spot will make you think a little deeper during your visit. Perhaps you will come to appreciate the beauty of natural landscapes more. Perhaps you will come to have a greater understanding of a how an ecosystem sustains itself. No matter when or why you leave, Cloud Forest Singapore will immerse you in a wonderful magical world that highlights the importance and fragility of nature.


Writer: Joshua Hortinela
Photographer: Joshua Hortinela


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