Exploring the 5 villages of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre along Italy’s Riviera Coast is one of the most picturesque places in the world and a must-visit in Italy. Cinque Terre is home to a collection of 5 gorgeous villages, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso Al Mare, all located within a national park. We explored each village to discover what makes them different. From Manarola’s small-town charm to the iconic aesthetic of Vernazza, Corniglia’s killer view to the popular bars and restaurants of Monterosso Al Mare, Cinque Terre has it all. Explore Cinque Terre in our latest episode of Shorts, where we discover some of the best parts of the world in bite-sized format.

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Director & Writer: Vikash Autar
Editor: James Gilligan
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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