The best snacks to try in Beijing!

You may know Beijing in China as the home of Peking duck but Beijing has lots of must eat snacks if you know where to go. Join us for Part 1 of our Beijing Snacks mini-series as we spend the day running around the city trying some of the best small (and big) bites in town.

We wake up super early and join the locals as they grab Jianbing for breakfast, a crepe filled with egg, fried dough and chilli. To wash it all down we have some Beijing Yoghurt. A small glass jar filled with a blend of milk, sugar, nuts and raisins that is sold at the front of many convenience stores. Up next we try the infamous Donkey Burger, a dish that is more common in the Hebei Province but has gained major popularity in the capital. It’s basically braised donkey meat mixed with crispy green peppers stuffed inside a freshly baked flakey pastry, can there be a better sandwich than this? Chunbing is another famous dish in Beijing that also involves wrapping of sorts. The concept is very similar to Peking duck but instead of duck, you’re able to pick anything on the menu to make your own creation! We try a combo of juicy fatty pork hock and some stir-fried egg and shrimp. Next up is one of the most famous street snacks in the city – lamb skewers (yang rou chuan). A mixture of fatty and lean lamb meat threaded on a stick and slathered with cumin and chilli before being cooked over an open fire. Last but not least, there is no better way to finish up the day than with some sweet sweet Tanghulu. You can find a variety of fruit combinations but the most common ones are strawberry and hawthorn, simple, sweet and delicious. So join us as we eat ourselves silly in Beijing! It’s all in our latest episode of Hawker Style, our original videos series exploring street food from across the globe.

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Director & Writer: Vikash Autar
Editor: Michael Thompson
Production-Assistant: Chelsea Li
Presenter: J Lou
Production Company: Culture Kid Films


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